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Hand craft your personalised silver ring

2,5 hours initiation with Charlotte

Knowledge in the art of jewellery making

Your beautiful hand crafted ring

90,00 £

par personne

L'atelier en détail

  • 2h30
  • 2 à 3 participants
  • 15 ans min.
  • Get ready to unleash your creativity and craft your own personalised silver ring with expert jeweller Charlotte.

    She will guide you through each step of the process, starting with basic safety instructions and an introduction to the tools you'll be using. 

    In this introductory workshop, Charlotte will show you the metal working techniques and the art of soldering to bring your ring together. No experience is necessary, and all the tools and materials you'll need are provided. By the end of the workshop, you'll have a beautiful silver ring that you created with your own two hands.

    Not only is Charlotte a skilled craftsperson, but she is also a kind and friendly person who loves to share her passion and knowledge with others. She has been teaching jewellery and silversmithing to children for a long time and finds joy in passing on her skills to others. You'll be in good hands with Charlotte as she guides you through the process of creating your own unique piece of jewellery.

    Join us for this exciting and unique experience, and take home a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery that you can wear with pride, crafted with the guidance of the exceptional instructor Charlotte.

    Lieu de l'atelier

    L’atelier est facilement accessible en transport en commun.

    Ce lieu est accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite.

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    Wecandoo - Rencontrez Charlotte R.

    Rencontrez Charlotte R.


    Introducing Charlotte, our exceptional artist with a passion for jewellery and silversmithing. With a degree in jewellery and silversmithing, 10+ years of experience, and a travel bursary award from RSA that took her to China to explore her craft, she's gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

    Charlotte sources her own high-quality materials and creates only pieces that meet her standards. She sells her jewellery primarily online and also takes private commissions. Not only is she a skilled craftsperson, but she's also a friendly and kind person who loves to share her passion and knowledge with others. Charlotte has been teaching jewellery and silversmithing to children for years and finds joy in passing on her skills.

    Recently, Charlotte moved to a new studio in Hackney, which is a hub for makers. Her new space is a reflection of her creativity and she finds inspiration in the community of makers around her.

    Words like "nice" and "smiling" come to mind when describing Charlotte's character, and her passion for her craft shines through in everything she does. Come and discover the beauty of Charlotte's jewellery and silversmithing, and experience her warm and inspiring personality firsthand.

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    Lily W

    Lily W


    My partner and I had a fantastic time at Charlotte's silver ring making workshop, Charlotte was incredibly attentive and a fantastic teacher. I made a beautiful silver ring that exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend Charlotte's silver ring making workshop to anyone interested in learning the art of jewelry crafting.

    90,00 £

    par personne